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If you’ve tried tons of preparations for eczema and dermatitis or many different skin conditions, now it time to try DeXma Gel.

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Winter is a challenging time for Eczema suffers

If your among the 15 per cent of Australians currently living with eczema, winter can be a challenging time or you could be in a world of pain.

Often refered to as atopic dermatitis, eczema is a persistent inflammation of the surface layer of the skin. Those suffering from the condition have sensitive skin that’s extremely dry, red, itchy and flaky and prone to infections and allergies. The symptoms of eczema are the result of an impaired skin barrier. While a healthy dermis is able to retain moisture and protect your body from invading bacteria or allergens, a compromised skin barrier will allow irritants to pass through and cause inflammation. This inflammatory response can be triggered by internal factors, like stress, but it’s also triggered by external factors, such as rapid tempreture changes and scratchy fabrics, which presents a real problem for suffers during winter.

How DeXma Gel works

Formulated with very sensitive skin in mind, this blend contains very cooling, anti-inflammatory essential oils such as Calendula Co2; German Chamomile Co2; and Carrot Co2. Neem oil is a natural moisturiser that also assist in help to reduce skin irritation. DeXma is a natural and effective, non irritating, anti-itch gel for stubborn skin conditions.

Dexma gels therapeutic formula is contained within a vegan gel, it’s a non greasy formula that is easy to apply and use and will not leave marks on your clothing.

If you’ve tried tons of preparations for eczema and dermatitis or many different skin conditions, and your looking for an effective natural solution nows the time to try DeXma Gel.

DeXma Gel Testimonial

I just wanted to THANK YOU for your DeXma product. I bought some off you at the Mornington Twilight market last Saturday, and within a day I noticed a big difference! Now, 5 days later, my rash is almost cleared. This stuff is a miracle! Thank you thank you!

Handmade with love and care

25ml or 100ml

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25ml, 100ml