SAROMA NATURAL THERAPIES™ creating pure & natural Aromatherapy Skin Care since 1997

We blend only the finest plant based ingredients with genuine and pure Essential Oils to create a unique range of skin care products to enhance the health and vitality of your skin

  • Saroma Natural Therapies products smell beautiful.
  • Are definitely not tested on animals.
  • Our products are hand made in Frankston, Victoria, Australia
  • Each product that comes from Saroma Natural Therapies has its own unique energy.
  • All our products contain a natural preservative and a natural anti-oxidant, combined with all natural base ingredients and pure and natural essential oils sourced locally,where possible.
  • Free from Petro-chemicals, synthetics, Palm oil and are Deet free
  • Our products are made in small batches, to ensure a high quality and fresh product for you.

Saroma Natural Therapies are made by Sara, a qualified aromatherapist with LOVE and CARE, since 1997.

we believe in nurturing your skin and protecting your internal environment.

The natural ingredients used in Saroma Natural Therapies, closely match the skins hydrolipid (protective) layer and essential oils penetrate the subcutaneous (deeper) layer. This combination helps to detoxify and stimulate cells, leading to faster cell regeneration and younger, healthier looking skin. Synthetic and petro-chemical
based products contain some molecules which are too large to pass through the skin’s layers, creating a barrier which actually keeps moisture out. Other ingredients can build up in fatty tissue in the body which may then lead to skin irritation, allergic reactions and dry skin. With all the pollutants and toxic chemicals in
our lives today, isn’t it a relief to know that you are at least being kind to your body by using a pure and natural product on your skin.


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